The Band

John - Nigel Collins


With a lifelong love of all things Beatles, Nigel is the founder member of the band. Guitar and piano skills, a rasping Lennon vocal and a naturally dry sense of humour, his portrayal of John is loved and admired. He has played with The Counterfeit Beatles and Beatles For Sale, and has previously had an audition with The Bootleg Beatles.

Paul - Dave Harvey


David took over the Hofner Violin bass form Mike Higgs in 2005. With his silky voice and doe eyed look, he makes a natural Macca...although not left-handed. He has also played with The Fab Beatles and The Backbeat Beatles.

George - Bill Tonkin


Bill has portrayed George from the start, joining Nigel in the original line-up in 1999. A love of guitars, a keen ear for detail and a unique dead-pan scouse George accent, Bill has also played with The Counterfeit Beatles and The Fab Beatles.

Ringo - Mike Hollywood


Mike joined the band in 2015, taking over from the original Ringo, Pete Ledingham. A very accomplished and sought after drummer, Mike has studied Ringo's parts in great detail, but adds his own  sympathetic interpretation to them. Mike has previous experience playing with top local bands and has done numerous tours on cruise ships.